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March 16, 2019
Handy Hints on Moving from Australia To Ireland

Handy Hints on Moving from Australia To Ireland

There has never been a better time to make the transition back to Ireland with so many things to look forward to upon your arrival. Whether it be the growing economy, vibrant culture, reconnecting with friends and family or simply just filling that void to come home.

There is allot of things however you need to do prior to the big move. Preparation is key to a smooth transition and moving process so we have complied a list of handy hints and FAQ’s to assist you with the big move….

Things to do before leaving

  1. Gather your family’s medical, dental and education records
  2. Keep a copy of your vehicle insurance policy and no claim bonus details
  3. Speak to a registered accountant about claiming your tax & superannuation back
  4. Advise Australia Post you are relocating as they can transfer your mail locally to a friend’s address or even overseas
  5. Advise the ATO you are relocating
  6. Close down your bank account if you plan on no longer using it to avoid unwanted monthly charges
  7. Cancel memberships and subscriptions to gyms, phone providers and pay television
  8. Set-up a bank account in Ireland if required. Many banks have teams dedicated to doing this for you prior to your arrival.
  9. If transferring funds, look towards utilising a foreign exchange provider such as OFX or Currency Fair to ensure you get the best value for money
  10. Plan your travel baggage in advance. Overweight luggage can be very expensive if not pre-planned
  11. Keep documentation of evidence of living abroad for at least a year. This can include phone bills, utility bills or letters to your residence. This is required for your Transfer of Residence (TOR)
  12. Advise utility providers of your final date of departure to ensure your account is closed off and to avoid unwanted termination fees.


Moving Personal Effects & Vehicles

What Service Do I Need? Part Load Or Full Load?
When relocating your personal effects, ensure you provide a detailed list to the moving company so you are receiving a fixed and accurate quotation or better still, most providers offer an obligation free in-home visit to run over the details of your move and assess the volume of your move.

If you are shipping only a few items or less than a full container load, it is important to check the moving company will be shipping directly into Ireland. Often companies will ship containers into London and then transfer your goods to Ireland, which can cause lengthy delays and possible issues with Brexit looming.

Should I pack my boxes or the moving company?
This is completely optional however beware that if you pack the boxes yourself, it does draw the attention of Irish Customs as well as often avoiding any insurance policy you may have.

What about shipping my items myself ?
There are numerous options around now such as and move cube for packing and shipping your own items. Often the cost savings are outweighed by the fact you are responsible for loading these shipments yourself and ensuring they arrive safely.

Moving Motor Vehicles to Ireland
Prior to thinking of shipping a vehicle, it is important to note that you need to have owned and driven the car for more than 6 months prior to you leaving Australia. The vehicle also needs to be owned and insured in your name to avoid VAT and vehicle taxes upon arrival. When shipping cars, you unfortunately cannot load furniture inside the vehicle either as household goods and vehicles go through two separate customs clearance departments.

If you are relocating, Contact Kieran O’Hara of Palmers Relocations to manage relocating your property and contact www.greatcomeback.ieto review job opportunities with Boston Scientific Ireland.
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Boston Scientific offer very competitive salaries, benefit packages and can also assist successful candidates with a seamless relocation arrangement.  Our premium relocation package involves the cost of moving home plus a dedicated consultant to transition you from Australia to your new life in Ireland.

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