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November 7, 2019
Coming home to Boston Scientific Ireland

We are delighted to welcome home to Ireland Sinead McNea who is one of the great people we met with during “The Great Comeback Roadshow” in Australia. We caught up with Sinead at her new job in Boston Scientific in Galway and taken the opportunity to speak with Sinead about how she found her move home to Ireland.  

Welcome home to Ireland Sinead!

What were your deciding factors to come home Sinead?
I was getting a bit homesick, there was a lot happening at home in terms of people getting married, friends’ birthdays – it felt like I was missing out on a good bit.

How long were you away from home?
2 years’ in total and I travelled to New Zealand also for a few weeks.

What part of Australia were you living in?
We lived in Sydney first and then moved to Melbourne. We spent one year in Sydney and then a year in Melbourne. In between we travelled around.

How did you come across the Great Comeback?
I had seen it on LinkedIn and also my friend said it to me as well. I joined it and went from there. We went to the Melbourne Roadshow and met everyone.

What was the Melbourne event like?
It was lovely actually. It was very personal! Once you went in – someone talked to you and asked what your job was beforehand and what you were looking for. They then pointed you in the right direction of which manager was there to discuss your experience and what you were looking for, so it was really good!

Were you already planning to come home?
We were yes, we were thinking about it on the horizon but once we saw that there were actually jobs at home it was a sense of relief- made us think……ok it won’t be as tough.

What made you decide to leave Ireland and travel to Australia in the first place?
I think just every weekend when you decided to do something and it was raining and we were like do you know what, let’s just go- so we booked it!  Truth is, it’s actually quite cold over there too, you don’t expect it to be but in Melbourne and Sydney there is a good bit of rain!

How did the family feel when you came home?
They were delighted- they always want you to come home. They just hope you don’t get settled. Cause it’s a long flight, so if anyone was ever to come see us- it’s not just 2 hours- it’s 24!

What was the transition home like?  Did you encounter any hurdles?
I was quite lucky enough that when I came home, I arrived back on the Monday and HERO Recruitment had an interview organised for me on the Thursday! My main hurdle was getting a car.

I had a home base so I had somewhere to stay and someone to help with lifts so yes it wasn’t too much of a struggle. We landed on our feet living out in Athenry and things moved quite quickly and I wasn’t expecting that at all so I was lucky enough on that side.

How are you enjoying working with Boston Scientific?
Loving it! It’s very good. It’s different as I came from a pharma background so seeing what’s happening with medical devices it’s amazing. It’s really good experience.

They are a great team.  It’s a really big team and operation. I’m used to working in a small area- so it’s very good experience.

What are the opportunities like to grow?
You can grow when you’re ready to and when you have the experience- there are just loads of opportunities here.

How long are you in the role now?
5 months. So I’m finally not the newbie anymore!

Do you find you are learning a lot in terms of new technology?
Obviously for pharma it’s a lot different than medical device especially on the operations floor- you see a lot of things from the start of the product to the end- you’re included in a lot of that so it’s very beneficial- you feel a sense of ‘I helped to build this’.

What’s Galway like to live in?
Everyone loves Galway! Galway is like the place to be really. It’s just lovely- the city and the shops are great, food everything.

And the social life?
Yes, it’s so good.

Did you miss the craic when you were away?
The Irish banter is great but when you go away somehow you always end up with the Irish anyways. You obviously make friends with other people but the Irish always stick together because we know how to have the craic.

You don’t find it anywhere else in the world like Ireland do you?
Oh it’s very tough to find it.

What was the social life like in Australia?
It was good – I had a few friends from home over there so it was quite nice and I did some farm work so I made a good few friends. We had great nights out like going to the races and everything like that.

Any activities you’re involved with here?
No not yet. I need to look into that.

And do you have family here in Galway?
No Mayo- Charlestown so I’m only an hour away so it’s close enough.

Anything in particular you would say about The Great Comeback, anything in particular that stood out to you? What did you find really good about it?
I did  go to a different one before in Sydney-  it wasn’t HERO; it was another agency but once you left- there was no other contact- they didn’t get in touch really. Whereas with Boston and HERO there was always that conversation lots of contact, emails and conversations and checking in when you were home. It was knowing that someone was out there looking for you and trying to help you find something.

With the presentation given at The Great Comeback informative for you?
Yes, it was really interesting. There were little facts and bits of information from people working there. There were things from people on the inside.

Yes, because you got to meet the hiring managers, how did you find that?
It was kind of comforting – like in interviews they are so full on- you don’t necessarily get to know the person so when I actually had the interview it was easier- the conversation was flowing – I could talk to her much easier.

What was it that attracted you to Australia?
I felt like now was the time to go travelling. You know I’m 27- this was the time I will be able to go off and see the world and different cultures.

If you were to talk to people who were looking to relocate what advice would you give them, now that you’ve made the move home?
Really just see if there’s jobs out there first. It’s difficult if you are waiting a long time and it’s easy to get down and question why I came home. Do your research and get in contact with agencies- it makes the process much easier if you’ve got the right partner.

Would you recommend HERO to people?
Yes, absolutely, it was a really good experience.

Were you interviewing with anyone else?
I hadn’t interviewed with any other companies; I was talking to other agencies but that was only twice. I was looking at other companies as well but this offer came so fast which was great. I had an interview and then got offered the job the next week. I know that doesn’t always happen- I was worried it was too good to be true, things were just falling in to place. It was great.

How long did it take from Interview to Job offer?
I think I interviewed on the Thursday and then it was the Tues or Weds I was offered the role!

What did you miss the most about Ireland?
The tea and chocolate – Barry’s tea.

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